SVLG Energy Summit: Count Me In!

Get Ready for the SVLG Energy Party of the year!!!

Looking forward to this event – both to see folks that I’ve met during the last year as well as some of the new shakers and movers in the energy game. SVLG IMHO brings in the best of the best (heck I’m going to it right?)  so this is definitely an event to bring your A-game to. I was so excited to publish this post that I even high-lightened the title in green!

I’ll be in full force at this event. I’m very curious to compare the event velocity to the previous SVLG Energy Summit I was at – and see what trends or patterns are becoming more pronounced in the vendor solutions and customers use case descriptions. There is no better market indicator that customer use cases and stories to figure out what is really happening – or is going to happen.

I’ll post an update of the event, and maybe even some video footage if I can work it.

See you there hopefully!

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